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Therapeutic Apheresis (TA), an innovative component of our day hospital's concept, is a special form of high-tech plasma cleaning and immunomodulation used in the treatment of chronic and acute diseases of the metabolism and the immune system.

Plasma cleaning, also called plasmapheresis (the term is derived from the Greek word "apherein" which means "separate"), helps the body eliminate harmful proteins and metabolites (e.g. cholesterol and many others) or toxic substances (so-called paraproteins, tumor-associated proteins, circulating immune complexes, complex infectious toxins, pathoproteins, and haptens). In doing so, it interrupts the inflammatory cascade and restores the dysregulated metabolism or immune system to its natural balance (a so-called metabolic modulation / immunomodulation).

Apheresis does not involve plasma exchange nor does it lead to a significant loss of electrolytes or immune bodies. It is a gentle method which is very well tolerated and imposes little stress on the organism.

It is applied in the treatment of environmental diseases, rheumatic diseases, lipid disorders, chronic inflammations, post-infectious disease syndromes (e.g. in case of Lyme disease), and autoimmune diseases.

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