INUSpheresis® refers to a treatment method with treatment effects based on the following effect: The extracorporeal (outside the body) elimination (removal) of pathogenic (disease-causing) proteins, as well as adhering pathogenic substances. Pathogenic cells of the blood are also separated.

VIn simplified terms: By a special type of blood purification pathogenic components are removed from the body.


By means of:

  • adsorption (removal / attachment),
  • precipitation and
  • filtration

the pathogenic protein is removed from the separated (isolated) plasma which is then re-infused without significant loss of volume. It can be dispensed with a substitute solution.

In simplified terms: The disease-causing substances are filtered out, and the purified plasma with all the good ingredients is returned to the body.


Difference compared to plasma exchange:

In the conventional plasma exchange, the entire separated (isolated) patient plasma is discarded, wherein the pathogenic (disease-causing) proteins, as well as all other essential proteins, are eliminated. Therefore, substitution (replacement) with electrolytes (mineral salts), human albumin (human protein), or fresh frozen plasma is required. This process partially shows adverse effects and strong responses.


Therapeutic INUSpheresis® in environmental medicine

It is a biophysical removal process with closed blood / plasma circulation that is based on the laws of thermodynamics.

This removes:

  • foreign substances that have reacted with proteins. (Haptens - synthetically modified endogenous proteins with a morbid and injurious character)
  • Secondary pathogen proteins and pro-inflammatory proteins
  • Toxic (poisonous) substances, such as heavy metals, solvents and environmental pollutants
  • Rheological (changing the viscosity of the blood) proteins from the tissues


Principle of therapeutic INUSpheresis®:

  • Therapeutic INUSpheresis® is a highly effective substitute for some intense medicines
  • The choice of the method and its dosage should be adjusted to the patient and the underlying problem.


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