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Gesundheitspark am Regenbogen


Further Str. 19

93413 Cham



  Medical Office "Die Hausärzte"
  Traditional Chinese Medicine Center
  INUS Day Hospital Cham
  Naturopathic Office of Karin V. Bak
  Therapy & Rehabilitation Center
  VITALERIA (Restaurant)
  Health Center Administration

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KB Medical Consulting GmbH
Further Str. 19
93413 Cham
Phone: +49-9971-20032-0
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Commercial Register No.: HRB 7152
CEO: Karin Bak

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Karin Bak, CEO

Corporate and Legal Information on the Medical Office "Die Hausärzte"
of Dr. med. Donate and Dr. med. Straube:

Further Str. 19
93413 Cham
Phone: +49-9971-20032-20

Responsible chamber of physicians: Bavarian State Chamber of Physicians (Upper Palatinate district)
Responsible association of statutory health insurance physicians: Bavarian Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, Regensburg District Office (Upper Palatinate district)


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