Therapeutic INUSpheresis® (TI) is an innovative component of our day hospital's concept. The current method of treatment of chronic and acute diseases of the metabolism and the immune system (so-called autoimmune diseases) is a special form of high-tech plasma cleaning and immunomodulation.

Plasma cleaning, also called INUSpheresis®, helps the body eliminate harmful proteins and metabolites (e.g. cholesterol and many others), or toxic substances (so-called para-proteins, tumour-associated proteins, circulating immune complexes, complex infectious toxins, pathoproteins and haptens), and bring back the deregulated metabolism / inflammatory cascade and the immune system to its natural balance (so-called metabolism / immunomodulation).

INUSpheresis® neither involves plasma exchange, nor leads to a significant loss of electrolytes or immune bodies, but represents a gentle method which is very well tolerated and hardly stresses the organism.

It is applied in environmental diseases, rheumatic diseases, lipid disorders, chronic inflammations, status post infectious diseases (e.g. borreliosis), and autoimmune diseases.

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